Clouds: From Above and Below

Clouds: From Above

This shot is taken from the upper trailhead to Mt Ellinor in the SE corner of the Olympic Mountains (but outside of the National Park). Notice the ‘crepuscular’ rays that coming down from the upper clouds. I hadn’t seen such very often.

Clouds: From Below

This image is taken up the valley of the North Fork Skokomish not too far from where the upper image was taken. Although from several thousand feet lower and on a different day.

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  1. Hi Allan, I particularly like the first image. It seems a bit surreal to stand on the side of a mountain in the sunshine, looking at clouds above and below. So very West Coast.

    1. Thanks, Vicki.
      Yes, very PNW.
      I’ve hiked Hurricane Ridge in the sun and blue sky a number of times, then dropped down into the clouds and rain in Port Angeles. And I’ve come out of the Olympics after getting rained on for days to have everyone in Seattle (or Olympia) say how lucky I was to have such wonderful sunny weather the whole time.

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