I needed to break out of the seasonal affectiveness disorder (brought on this time of year due to the short days here in the Pacific Northwest) and go for a little bit of spring color for a few days. Daffodils are right up there as one of my favorites. They are a symbol of Wales … along with the leek. Some sources indicate that the leek (welsh: cenhinen) was the original and the daffodil was introduced later as a result of it being referred to as St. Peter’s leek (cenhinen Bedr).

Either way, I like them because (besides being Welsh) I can grow them in the front yard and the deer don’t eat them.


Cat-tail 1

Late fall is an excellent time for cat-tail and cat-tail photos. These are very useful plants. The stalks were gathered by the Pacific Northwest native peoples and used extensively, including for weaving into mattresses.

Cat-tail 2

Sun Dogs (aka parhelia)

Sun Dog 1

I was asked the difference (visual) between sun bars and sun dogs. My last post showed a sun bar, here are a couple of images of sun dogs. Note that (besides the difference in location) the sun dogs typically show some ‘rainbow’ colors. Both of these are sunsets.

Pillar, Bar, whatever…

Pillar, Bar, whatever…

I had someone ask what a sun pillar was… as I was replying, another friend said what I was describing was a sun bar.

Either one seems appropriate. But I think I was right…

Snowy Roadway

Snowy Roadway

This is another shot from a recent trip up to Hurricane Ridge in Olympic National Park. On my return to the parking lot up the Hurricane Hill road (closed to traffic in winter), the snow picked up from a gentle dusting to a little more serious effort. I liked the way the trees looked with the new snow. But I also liked the way the flakes coming down against the background of the sky made it so that I didn’t have to bother checking for sensor spots.

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