Victoria Scenes

Victoria Alley
Victoria Door

One of the things that I miss with the virus having closed the Canadian border is the ability to visit Victoria, BC. The trip is just a ferry ride … and the cost is cheap if you walk onboard … and the ferry terminal is in the main harbor in Victoria.

The old areas of town are a great location for photo shoots. Plenty of interesting visuals. I loved this claustrophobically narrow alley and one of the doorways that opens off it.

Tree Tops

Tree Tops

I try to remember to keep looking up as I hike along trails. If you keep your eyes constantly moving, there is much more you will notice. When my attention gets snagged, I try to remember that if I’m noticing something, it’s a good idea to evaluate if there is a photo there.

Tree Tops 2

Trail Views

Trail View, Entering a Meadow

This is the Slab Camp trail east of Deer Park in Olympic National Park. One of my favorite high country trails … partly because the trail starts at over 5000′ … so you don’t have to lug your camera equipment up all that way.

View from the Slab Camp Trail

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