Window Reflection

Window Reflection

This was taken with a Holga: a cheap plastic camera that is today’s version of a Kodak Brownie.

I have also cropped a lot of the image, which made it even softer.

We’re Coming For Your Yard

We’re coming for your yard…

Here in Port Townsend, we had a record cool spring … well, I guess cold would be a better description.

The plants were still dormant much later than usual. Mowing lawns started a month or so “late”. (a silver lining, for sure) Then we had a short stretch of record setting heat and all the plants went totally crazy. It seemed like you could watch the grass growing. It also brought out a bumper crop of dandelions … at least in my yard.

Views from Ballarat

Charlie Manson’s Pickup

Supposedly, the pickup truck above was once ‘owned’ by Charles Manson, the cult leader in the late 60’s that was convicted of a number of murders. It sits in Ballarat, a small private holding within Death Valley National Park. Ballarat has a population of one.

Below is a building that is in Ballarat. If you want to call it a building. I thought it made a nice jumble, though.

Ballarat Fixer Upper

Nice Memories

Larry at Marmot Pass

This was from a hike that my brother (shown above) and I took to Marmot Pass in the Buckhorn Wilderness area of the Olympic Mountains. He was in training to climb Mt Rainier and he was carrying several barbell weights in his pack. This was in June of 1998, I think… and it was a nice workout.

Today would have been his 80th birthday. I miss him terribly.



I saw this wild rhody blooming along the Larry Scott Trail near Port Townsend … just before PT’s big Rhody Weekend (with parade, kids’ trike race, beard contest, etc.). This is the native rhody, which is the Washington State flower. (There are a fair number of them growing in the woods along SR 19 coming into town.)

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