Sun Dogs (aka parhelia)

Sun Dog 1

I was asked the difference (visual) between sun bars and sun dogs. My last post showed a sun bar, here are a couple of images of sun dogs. Note that (besides the difference in location) the sun dogs typically show some ‘rainbow’ colors. Both of these are sunsets.

Pillar, Bar, whatever…

Pillar, Bar, whatever…

I had someone ask what a sun pillar was… as I was replying, another friend said what I was describing was a sun bar.

Either one seems appropriate. But I think I was right…

White Mountain Pine (dead)

White Mountain Pine (dead)

Just to be clear, the dead pine was found up at 8000 feet in the White Mountains of central California… it isn’t the proper species name. But I thought it had an interesting shape and the clouds were nice. Wish I had gotten down on my knees and had the tree silhouetted against the sky. But I’m not sure I would have been able to get back up. Besides, it was windy and cold and I wanted to get back to the car.

Cloudscape: 6 November 2021

Cloudscape: 6 November 2021 — Port Townsend

This is the view looking south from Port Townsend. There were a number of storms lined up hitting the Pacific Northwest coast one after the other and this was a break in the action.

Big Waves

Big Waves

So, I know that these aren’t really “big waves” … but for this particular location, there isn’t much fetch* to get waves built up. This is downtown Port Townsend and the patio area to the left is the Port Townsend Vineyard’s wine bar. Not many folks enjoying the outdoor seating.

  • Fetch refers to the distance across open water. At least that is how kayakers use the term here locally.

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