Beaver Pond in Winter

Beaver Pond in Winter

This pond is along the Larry Scott Trail south of Port Townsend, WA. There isn’t access to the shore of the pond … it’s all private property … so a shot through the trees is about all I could get. I’ve seen lots of water birds, an eagle perching on one of the overlooking trees, and some water critter that looked like a beaver or such. It was daytime, so the beaver answer is less than certain.

The image below was taken along this same stretch of the Larry Scott. It follows the old railroad grade and it drops off fairly sharply on either side along this section.

Larry Scott Trail

Point Wilson Lighthouse in Winter

Point Wilson Lighthouse in Winter

It was a pleasant winter day down at Fort Worden State Park and the Point Wilson Lighthouse. The view when the clouds are high or non-existent includes a dramatic view across to Mt Baker in the North Cascades. In this case, it was above the smog layer … or most of it.

Studies in B&W

Fellow Photographer

It’s a nice break in the covid routine to share a beverage with friends.

Especially when they are photographers and you’ve got a new camera to pass around. This was my new Leica Q2 Monochrome. It only shoots black and white … there are no filters in front of the sensor to restrict the color of light hitting each pixel. This increases the resolution (some) and speeds things up (some) in post-production when you don’t have to convert to B&W. But mostly, I like the camera because it is a beautifully crafted artifact.


Road and Deer

Fort Worden Roadway

Walking the roads in Fort Worden, you can often find yourself sharing the roads with deer. In the image below, the young deer (a yearling) is experiencing its first snow. It’s mother is off the road to the right … the teen-fawn seemed a little uncertain about this cold white stuff. And I imaged it was wondering if mom was going to order out dinner.

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