More Clouds and Ridges

Clouds and Ridge

Both these images were shot from the top of Mt Walker on the eastern edge of the Olympic Mountains, looking west into the National Forest. These are “working forests” … they get logged on a rotating basis and aren’t the old growth forests found in the Olympic National Park. The exception is some of the trees on the rugged ridges where it is too difficult to log to make it worth the cost.

Forested Ridges in Clouds

A Glimpse through Clouds

A Glimpse through Clouds

I have always taken a lot of photos of ridge lines peeking through clouds. Maybe it is because the weather is cloudy a lot in the Pacific Northwest. But I think there is more to it than that. There’s a mysterious quality to the peekaboo game … and it is a challenge to get the right mix of visible/not visible. Then there is the challenge of getting the processing choices right: lots of challenges make for an interesting subject.

A Glimpse through Clouds (B&W)

Little ‘Shrooms

Little ‘Shrooms

I found this clump of mushrooms on top of Mt Walker recently. I had driven up to see what the view was like (too much haze) … and was heading back to the truck when I noticed these little guys. The only lenses I had with me were zoom and neither one able to focus close up. Fortunately, I did have my tripod. So I set up with the lens that let me get closest and took a series of 60+ images while moving the focus point out. Once I got home, I combined them in HeliconFocus and then did some minor edits (including cropping).

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