Middle Elwha

Middle Elwha

The Elwha River has been getting a lot of press lately. It is the site of one of the largest dam removal projects to date. Salmon runs are returning in numbers (miles and miles of recovered salmon breeding habitat), the delta is being rebuilt and numerous species (including bears and birds) are benefiting from the decaying salmon carcasses.

The section shown here is between the two dams that were removed (the Elwha Dam below this point and the Glines Canyon Dam above).

Dappled Light

Dappled Light

Dappled light is charming, but getting the exposure right can be a challenge. There is quite a range of exposure values. Adobe Lightroom Classic is the program I use for ‘post-processing’. It’s a great tool for photographers … although there is a bit of learning curve.

Walking the Service Road

Walking the Service Road 1

The autumn brings a quieter experience to many trails and parks. The summer crowds are gone and one can find relative solitude even in parks that are heavily used.

Walking the Service Road 2

Woodland Trails

Woodland Trail 1

The late afternoon sun shining through the trees at Fort Worden State Park, Port Townsend, WA. One of the advantages of living in the north is that the ‘Golden Hour’ that photographers enjoy for low angle sun is longer … if you are in Alaska in the summertime, for instance, the Golden Hour can be 4 hours long. It’s not that much in Washington State, but it is longer than you find in California.

Woodland Trail 2

Late Fall Valley Views

Late Fall Valley View 1

I find it interesting how various trees in an area will have such varied timing of color display and leaf drop. Probably some genetic variation …

Late Fall Valley View 2

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