Tree Tops

Tree Tops

I try to remember to keep looking up as I hike along trails. If you keep your eyes constantly moving, there is much more you will notice. When my attention gets snagged, I try to remember that if I’m noticing something, it’s a good idea to evaluate if there is a photo there.

Tree Tops 2

Trail Views

Trail View, Entering a Meadow

This is the Slab Camp trail east of Deer Park in Olympic National Park. One of my favorite high country trails … partly because the trail starts at over 5000′ … so you don’t have to lug your camera equipment up all that way.

View from the Slab Camp Trail

Interior Olympics

Interior Olympics

This is the view from the Slab Camp trail looking SSE into the central Olympics.

Interior Olympics 2

This view is from a mile or so down the trail from the above. In this image you have a better view of the valleys coming together, close to meeting at Three Forks on the Gray Wolf River.

The valleys are the Lost Creek, Cameron Creek and Gray Wolf River.

Both images are composites of several frames … with the final file running over 130MB.

Subalpine Trail

Subalpine Trail

The subalpine areas of the Olympic National Park are not easy to access, except for two locations where roads run up to over 5000′: at Hurricane Ridge and at Deer Park. The road to Hurricane Ridge is two lane, paved the whole way and open year round (weather permitting … and usually only on the weekends during the winter). The Deer Park road is narrow, winding, gravel and closed once snow begins to fall. Both areas have trails that you can hike. This is the view from along the Slab Camp trail, running east from Deer Park.

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