Can The Fishes See It Snowing?

Can The Fishes See It Snowing?

I was downtown along the waterfront several days before Christmas and saw this scene. It reminded me of the phrase in Dylan Thomas’s A Child’s Christmas in Wales, where a small boy ponders: “Can the fishes see it snowing?”

Sadly, it wasn’t actually snowing at the time, and two days later it was all gone. I think it’s nice to have snow at Christmas, as long as it isn’t so much to disrupt the festivities.

But a Happy New Years to all … here’s to a better 2023. One with less mindless killing, for one.

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  1. Probably only the flying fish can see it snowing 😉 We all hope for a world without wars and killings… let’s hope 2023 may do beter than last year…. Happy New Year Allan.

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