Lake 22

Lake 22 in winter

Lake 22 in east of the city of Everett, along the Mountain Loop Highway. It is one of the most heavily hiked trails in the Cascades. It is also the location of my first backpack trip back in the early ’60’s. I remember having to carry out the wet canvas tarp we used for a shelter … it rained and the little hollow we had set up camp in filled with water. It was only 2 miles or so downhill, but my pack weighed over 70 lbs when I got home. But that was long ago and in the summer. Nowadays, there is no overnight camping allowed. And they have added a boardwalk around most of the lake to protect the meadow areas.

Ridge above Lake 22

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Light Snowfall

Last of a Light Snowfall

My recent post about the last day of winter created some concern that I had jinxed the weather. There is always a chance of a light spring snowfall in the Pacific Northwest. But it’s usually light and doesn’t stay long. The sun is getting too warm for it to last. (and no, this isn’t a recent photo … it didn’t snow as soon as my post regarding the end of winter)

Last Day of Winter

Horses in the Snow

Personally, I’m ready to have winter behind and springtime coming. And summer. So, here is a reminder of winter … here in Port Townsend, it was a pretty mild one with a couple of snowfalls, but nothing that created much of a long term problem.

Happy St David’s Day

Daffodils for St David’s Day

Or as the Welsh would put it: Dydd Gwyl Dewi Hapus!

March 1st is St David’s Day. St David is the Welsh patron saint but just hasn’t attracted the attention that St Patrick has. Maybe because the Welsh tend to gather for singing and reading poetry instead of drinking green beer. (although the green beer is rumored to be an American addition)

Our family used to gather for St David’s Day to eat Welsh Cakes and celebrate our Welsh heritage. Daffodils were always present. One of the national symbols of Wales. Sometimes there would be original poetry shared … always some Dylan Thomas.

Mt Ellinor and Mt Washington

Mt Ellinor and Mt Washington

Mt Ellinor and Mt Washington are the two southernmost prominent peaks in the Olympics visible on the Seattle western skyline. Mt Ellinor was named after Ellinor Fauntleroy, a member of a pioneering Seattle settler family. Ellinor has a trail to the summit and is one of the most heavily hiked trails in the Olympics. The view is spectacular. Mt Washington has some technical climbing in order to access the summit.

Below is a closer view of Ellinor.

Mt Ellinor

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