Unsettled Weather

Unsettled Weather

This is the waterfront at Port Townsend. The weather had been changing all day … one of those times when if you don’t like the weather, just wait a few minutes. I was walking around the waterfront and thought these clouds were interesting.

Whale Bones

Whale Skeleton Skull

This is a rather new exhibit in downtown Port Townsend, on one of the public docks: an entire gray whale skeleton. It was washed up south of town near Port Ludlow and the people at that location contacted NOAA and local authorities and got permission to leave it for the critters to pick clean. They then worked with experts to prepare the skeleton for display. It’s amazing. No way to get a good show of the whole thing, since the space is narrow and the skeleton is long. So, here are pieces of it.

Whale Skeleton Flipper
Whale Skeleton Tail

Mt Baker from Pt Townsend Waterfront

Mt Baker from Port Townsend Waterfront

Sometimes I take the ferry from Port Townsend across to Coupeville on Whidbey Island just for the ride. And the photo op. This photo of the waterfront with Mt Baker in the distance was taken from the ferry while waiting for the cars/trucks to finish boarding in PT.

Waterfront Details

Pilings holding up a walkway

The waterfront in Port Townsend is a great place to find interesting details. The saltwater, sea air and various living creatures work together to eliminate these intruders.

Walkway support detail

Lady Washington

Lady Washington

This ship is a replica of the original Lady Washington from the American Revolutionary War. This one was built in Aberdeen, Washington, United States in time for the 1989 Washington State Centennial celebrations. She was docked in Port Townsend when I was out taking photos.

I was trying out a ‘new’ used camera (a Contax G2) and needed to finish a roll of film and send it in for development for evaluating the operation of the camera. I like the camera and it seems like it is operating well. I also went over to Fort Worden State Park and took the rest of the roll, including this image (below) of the Lighthouse at Point Wilson, showing a little weathering. Time for new paint!

Point Wilson Lighthouse

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