Beach Walk

Beach Walk
Beach Detail

I like the panoramic format even if the subject isn’t a scenic panorama. Of course, it depends on the subject. In the top image here there are a lot of horizontally running lines … something that a panoramic crop can emphasize. In the lower image, the crop turned into a panorama when I cut away the pieces that were distracting. In this image, I liked the wet rocks just above the surf line … and the rocks in the distance become increasingly out of focus.

Points of Port Townsend

Point Wilson Lighthouse

The top image is the Point Wilson Lighthouse at Fort Worden State Park in Port Townsend, WA. The angle makes it look less like a point. The main body of Puget Sound (Admiralty Inlet) is just on the other side of the lighthouse. The hillside in the distance is on Whidbey Island.

Point Hudson from Fort Worden

Point Hudson is at the NE corner of Port Townsend, right at the end of Water Street. This was taken from up on the hill at Fort Worden just prior to the image above. You can walk the beach from one point to the other … just make sure to check the tide charts before you start!

Beach Walk

Beach Walk with Dog
Seagull at Water’s Edge

I was at Fort Worden State Park recently. There had been some snow the day before, but it was mostly gone (you can still see some left in the driftwood in the top image). I liked the water in the bottom photo and the splashes frozen in time.

First Beach Walk

First Beach Walk

I thought this image captured some of the wonder and joy of a first walk at the beach. Some of my earliest memories are being at the beach with my family. We lived close to the beach until I was 6 … and went razor clam digging on a regular basis.

Beach Views

Beach View I
Beach View II

An Olympic beach is one of my favorite places to “watch the weather come in”. This one is Kalaloch. Quite remote, but popular. A nice place to visit in the winter when the crowds are diminished.

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