Winter Trail

Winter Trail

A private trail following an old railroad line. A public trail (which was following the railroad grade until this point) turns and cuts over to a different route.

Shoreline Madrona

Shoreline Madrona

This is along the Larry Scott Trail in Port Townsend (downtown is visible in the distance). I really liked the way the light enhances the textures in the leaves.

The Paper Mill

Port Townsend Paper

A little different shot than my usual nature filled images. The common thread, I suppose, being that this was taken from the Larry Scott Trail. Port Townsend paper is the largest employer in Jefferson County.

I know there will be mixed reactions to this image … with its industrial topic and the venting of vapors into the atmosphere. But the exhaust plume on the right has particularly interesting textures.

Gate To ???

Gate to ???

Sometimes you get a little behind in the weeding. There is a bunch in my yard that is calling to me… and not very politely, either. But this seems to be a bit extreme. It’s not my yard, I found this along one of my regular walking routes. Not sure the original reason for installing this gate, but it seems to have lost its importance.

Last Day of Winter

Horses in the Snow

Personally, I’m ready to have winter behind and springtime coming. And summer. So, here is a reminder of winter … here in Port Townsend, it was a pretty mild one with a couple of snowfalls, but nothing that created much of a long term problem.

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