First Sign of Fall

First Sign of Fall

I really was struck by the pattern of the shadows and the interplay of light between the shadows and the leaves. Tomorrow is the Equinox, so I guess technically these are not “autumn” leaves …

(I took this a couple weeks back and it was the first time I noticed leaves that had fallen, but there are lots more now.)

Old Trucks

Old Truck (1)

I’m a big fan of old trucks … even if they aren’t running anymore. They aren’t ‘dead’ only sleeping. I especially like the Studebaker below.

These are more test shots with the Nikon F6 and Tri-X.

Old Truck (2)

Old Buildings

Old Building (1)

These two old buildings are neighbors in Chimacum, Washington. I thought the top one would have made a nice chicken house.

Old Building (2)

Two Trees, One Building

Two Trees (1)

These two trees attracted my attention. They both were out front of an old building on Fort Worden State Park. I was testing out a “new” camera … a Nikon F6 … Nikon’s last film SLR … suing Tri-X. A wonderful camera that has very similar controls to the Nikon D850 that I use for a lot of my digital work, which makes it easy to use.

Two Trees (2)

Downtown Port Townsend

Downtown Port Townsend

This is downtown Port Townsend’s main intersection. The traffic light is set to blink red in all directions … but because the lights are mounted on the street corners instead of hanging in the middle of the road, there are a lot of drivers (especially visitors) that miss the lights and run the intersection. Fortunately, the speed limit is 20 mph and traffic is slow.

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