Beach Walk 2

Beach Walk and Sea Birds

Another sunny day at the beach in the middle of winter along the Washington coast. There’s nothing quite as nice as a winter beach walk in the sun.

Beach Walk

Beach Walk

Beach Walk

A beach walk on a winter day on the beach at Kalaloch can be wet and windy, or you can get lucky and have a sunny day and mild weather. But there’s always stuff to see.

Oh, There it is!

Dungeness Spit

Beach Walk at Dungeness Spit

Dungeness Spit State Park is located just north of Sequim on the north coast of the Olympic Peninsula. The lighthouse at the end of the spit is an 8 mile walk (one way) … and the signage warns to make sure you are aware of the time and tides. At high tide you may be forced to work your way through a maze of driftwood, slowing your progress dramatically. If the weather is clear, the views can be spectacular … including looking towards Hurricane Ridge in Olympic National Park.

Looking Towards Hurricane Ridge from Dungeness Spit

Beach at Kalaloch

Kalaloch (view west 1)

Kalaloch is in Olympic National Park. It includes a lodge and rental cabins, which are available year round. If you stay in the small lodge, one of the fancier rooms includes newspaper clippings from when First Lady Laura Bush stayed over.

Of course, the crowds are much thicker in the summer … and the weather is more chancy in the winter … well, I guess it’s more predictable: it’s likely to be raining. But with luck, you can get sunny weather in the middle of winter. The coast here is remote. There’s not a large city for a couple hundred miles.

Kalaloch (view northwesst)

Bikes in a Row

Bikes in a Row

I have enjoyed bike riding ever since I was a kid. Back in the ’60’s I bought a used French 5-speed bike (sorry I can’t remember the brand) to get to and from my first real job as a teenager. In those days, single speed bikes were the norm and a few enthusiasts had what were called “English Racing bikes” … which were typically 3 speeds. I got many comments from folks: “Why would anyone need more than 3 speeds?” Of course, these days it is more likely to find a bike with 24 speeds …

My current bike has ten speeds and 4 levels of electric assist… which makes 40 choices, I suppose. But, I don’t use that many… some combinations just don’t seem be as useful. But I sure love that electric assist.

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