Manual Typewriter

Manual Typewriter

I was surprised to find a new store opening in Port Townsend that sold and repaired old typewriters. When I talked to the owner, she was surprised at the demand … she sold 12 typewriters in just a few days and had a stack of machines along the wall awaiting repair.

Port Townsend is an area that has a higher than normal percentage of retirement aged citizens. (One bumper sticker says: “Port Townsend: where retired people move to be close to their parents”)

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    1. And similar to what I learned on.
      never got to be fast, though
      … even these days, I’m mostly fast at hitting backspace

      1. Great photo. I’m amazed there is a demand for them these days. I Googled “typewriter repair near me” and there is only one in our city, but the photo says “Fred’s Barber Shop.”

      2. That’s hysterical. Well, maybe there’s a higher percent of luddites here.

      3. Hey Allan, do you remember my old Smith Corona sitting in the corner when we were roomies in college (more than 50 years ago!)? I gave it away just a few years ago.

      4. No, I don’t. i gave mine away long ago … well, after I started using Sarah’s Apple IIe in the late ’80’s. Didn’t use it so much in college… the advantage of being a science major!

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