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I took a day trip down to Olympia to shoot some street photography. Not my usual style of work, but I thought it would be good practice to take myself out of my ‘comfort zone’. I lived in Olympia for about 25 years. Surprised (a little) at the number of closed businesses due to the pandemic and the general deterioration of the downtown area.

Port Townsend Paper

Port Townsend Paper

Port Townsend Paper is the only large industry in Port Townsend … there are many jobs in the marinas, but nothing on the scale to match the mill. This photo was taken from the Larry Scott Trail.

Casting Bronze

Hot Metal
Pouring Hot Metal

For a while I worked at the Pratt Fine Art Foundry in Seattle. I really enjoyed working with metal. I had started with (gas) welding steel, but when I found out how much fun working with bronze was, I was hooked. I worked at developing skills with various styles, many times using natural objects instead of wax models. I cast apples, banana, onion, artichoke, and small trees. I tried casing a trout once, but that didn’t work so well. And the folks in the foundry claimed that when it was in the kiln, it attracted all the neighborhood cats (not likely).

Below is one of my favorites: my hand. I made a model by dripping hot wax from a candle on my hand until it was covered and when the wax was cool and hardened, carefully removed my hand. Then I poured the art wax into the model, removed the candle wax and cast what was left. I was quite pleased with the fact that most of the skin texture and fingerprint patterns showed up.

Unfortunately, all the plaster dust just gave me one sinus infection after another and I had to retire my foundry work.

Need A Hand, Anyone?

Seattle Street Scene

Seattle Street Scene

This was taken before social distancing, when I was on a walking photo shoot in downtown Seattle. We went to the upper floors of the Seattle Public Library and this was looking back down to the street.

Camera: Holga Film: T-Max 400

Mill, Mountains and Marina

The Port Townsend Paper mill is the largest local employer. Unless, perhaps, you call the ocean the employer of the fishing fleet. Another strong candidate would be the Olympic National Park and the recreational opportunities it provides. This image almost looks like it is a toned black and white image … but it is pretty much a straight (non-enhanced) color image.

  • Camera: Nikon D850
  • Lens: Nikkor 28-300mm set at 300mm
  • ISO 200 1/800mm f/14

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