In my last post, I mentioned a new typewriter sales and repair shop opening up in my home town. I was able to take some interesting photos there, including this one from the underside of a unit that was being repaired and was out of its case. I liked the quasi-abstract industrial design.

Manual Typewriter

Manual Typewriter

I was surprised to find a new store opening in Port Townsend that sold and repaired old typewriters. When I talked to the owner, she was surprised at the demand … she sold 12 typewriters in just a few days and had a stack of machines along the wall awaiting repair.

Port Townsend is an area that has a higher than normal percentage of retirement aged citizens. (One bumper sticker says: “Port Townsend: where retired people move to be close to their parents”)

Looking Up

Looking Up

I was waiting for a service representative in a warehouse store recently when I looked up and noticed the open network of pipes and other parts of the infrastructure. I thought it was an interesting pattern and worth a photo … a lot more than a photo of the service desk.

By the way, I was waiting to be fitted for hearing aids. I don’t have a lot of loss … mostly a reduction in high frequency sounds typical of folks my age. The first thing I really noticed a difference in after getting them was in hearing a lot more birdsong … well worth the extra money and minor hassle. So, I encourage you all to have your hearing checked regularly. You may not realize what you’re missing.

The Mill

Port Townsend Paper Mill

Port Townsend Paper is the largest employer in the town, so it is usually just referred to as “the mill”. In this image you can see the northeast corner of the Olympic Mountains in the background.

The Paper Mill

Port Townsend Paper

A little different shot than my usual nature filled images. The common thread, I suppose, being that this was taken from the Larry Scott Trail. Port Townsend paper is the largest employer in Jefferson County.

I know there will be mixed reactions to this image … with its industrial topic and the venting of vapors into the atmosphere. But the exhaust plume on the right has particularly interesting textures.

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