Calla Lily (color)

Calla Lily (color)

Just a nice flower photo to brighten up your winter day (assuming you are in the northern hemisphere). I tried this one in black and white and it just didn’t do anything for me. Maybe it was my mood at the time, or maybe this one just wanted to be in color. So, here it is.

Chive Blossoms

Chive Blossoms

I like chive. It’s low maintenance and tastes good on baked potatoes. These are growing in a garden box and that previously had a lot of different herbs and such. All the rest died a peaceful death, but the clive did well. I think come spring, I’ll let the clive take over the whole bed and let the bees be happy.

Larry Scott Trail Views

Larry Scott Trail View 1

The Larry Scott Trail runs from the marina in Port Townsend down into the country south of town. Part of the way, it follows an old railway bed. Unfortunately, it dead ends still … but the long range plan is to connect it up to the Discovery Trail and then link it over to the Pacific beaches. That would make a very long, beautiful bike ride. I hope the plan is successful …

Bench on the Larry Scott Trail

Here the Larry Scott Trail (on the right) parallels a driveway.

Cloudscape: 6 November 2021

Cloudscape: 6 November 2021 — Port Townsend

This is the view looking south from Port Townsend. There were a number of storms lined up hitting the Pacific Northwest coast one after the other and this was a break in the action.

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