Rhody Bloom

Rhody Bloom

This is from the yard outside my office window. The native rhododendron is more purple … and the woods are full of them all blooming. It’s our state flower here in Washington.

Rock and Heather

Rock and Heather

No, this isn’t from some mountain meadow… it’s from my front yard. I love having the heather bloom all winter — giving what few bees are around some flowers to visit. The boulder was likely a glacial erratic that was on the property, but that was before my time here.

Beach Walk

Beach Walk
Beach Detail

I like the panoramic format even if the subject isn’t a scenic panorama. Of course, it depends on the subject. In the top image here there are a lot of horizontally running lines … something that a panoramic crop can emphasize. In the lower image, the crop turned into a panorama when I cut away the pieces that were distracting. In this image, I liked the wet rocks just above the surf line … and the rocks in the distance become increasingly out of focus.

Snow On Cedar

Snow on Cedar

Western Red Cedar to be specific. It is the native cedar along the Pacific Coast, until you get into Alaska where it tends to be replaced with some Yellow Cedar. Yellow cedar is a favorite of carvers. The name Incense Cedar is apt and the smell of the wood is wonderful. You can find it in Washington in the high country right on the edge of tree line.

Winter Walk

Battlements in Winter
Memory Vault Archway

Even a dusting of snow changes the impact of an image. The bright foreground is different than the non-winter image, where the brightest area is often the sky at the top of an image. These are from Fort Worden State Park in Port Townsend, WA.

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