Stormy Waterfront

Stormy Waterfront

This is an old ferry dock (I think) that is just off the waterfront downtown Port Townsend. The storm clouds were coming in rather dramatically. The rain started soon after and continued all the next day,

Strange Clouds over Mt Baker

Strange Clouds over Mt Baker

I was walking the beach on Marrowstone Island (SE of Port Townsend) and noticed the strange-ish clouds overhead with Mt Baker in the distance. Not particulary weird clouds. Just a little funny looking. Fargo clouds. (Movie reference)

Cloudscape: 6 November 2021

Cloudscape: 6 November 2021 — Port Townsend

This is the view looking south from Port Townsend. There were a number of storms lined up hitting the Pacific Northwest coast one after the other and this was a break in the action.

Big Waves

Big Waves

So, I know that these aren’t really “big waves” … but for this particular location, there isn’t much fetch* to get waves built up. This is downtown Port Townsend and the patio area to the left is the Port Townsend Vineyard’s wine bar. Not many folks enjoying the outdoor seating.

  • Fetch refers to the distance across open water. At least that is how kayakers use the term here locally.


Rainbow from Point Wilson

This was taken from Point Wilson (Port Townsend) looking east to Whidbey Island. If you click on the image to make it larger, you can see the freighter on the left side and on the right side the ferry leaving Coupeville to come to Port Townsend. That will also make it easier to see the secondary ‘bow.

The image below is from the downtown area of Port Townsend. When I saw this view, I took a photo and then headed over to Point Wilson for a open horizon to the east. I learned previously that one shouldn’t assume that you will be able to relocate and have the rainbow still be present… so take a photo when you can and make sure you have at least some image.

Rainbow and Dock

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