Rocks, Ridges, Trees and Clouds

Rocks, Ridges, Trees and Clouds

One last shot (in this series) from the trip to Hurricane Ridge (Olympic National Park) earlier this month. I liked the way the rocky area curves around and then follows the tree covered ridge.

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  1. Hi Allan, just so you know, your latest post (of the marina) doesn’t seem to be working properly: the “like” button isn’t working, comments are closed (maybe that’s deliberate) and I can’t enter your post list from it either. You may need to take it down and try re-posting. Cheers.

    1. Thanks, Lynette.
      I wish there was a recall button in WordPress. I schedule post a week or so into the future. Screwed up and posted that one immediately. And then I realized it and corrected it immediately, but it was too late. Decided I wouldn’t try to ‘fix’ it by reposting it. Got any suggestions? (besides ‘don’t screw up’)

      1. Hi Allan, I noticed that WP has been tinkering again which might be the cause of the problem. I’ve had the same thing happen before (and know of others, too) so I think it’s more likely a WP issue rather than anything you did.

        I’ve solved the issue before by moving the post into the draft folder (essentially, you would be recalling it and re-publishing it later). If you go to your “published” bin and click on the post, you should see “move to draft” in the upper right corner after the post opens. Click on that choice and the post will move to that bin. Once it’s there, you can make any changes, including scheduling it as you usually would. WP will automatically move it from the draft bin over to “published” at your selected time. I’ve included a screen shot of WP instructions.

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