Rocks, Ridges, Trees and Clouds

Rocks, Ridges, Trees and Clouds

One last shot (in this series) from the trip to Hurricane Ridge (Olympic National Park) earlier this month. I liked the way the rocky area curves around and then follows the tree covered ridge.

Ridges and Clouds

Ridges and Clouds 1

The weather in Western Washington is notoriously cloudy and damp. Some people struggle with the lack of sun. But I am okay with that … I see the trade offs, including mountain ridges with clouds and/or mist. These were taken looking west from Hurricane RIdge in Olympic National Park across the Elwha Valley.

Ridges and Clouds 2

Irley Lake and Clouds

Irely Lake

Irely Lake is close to the North Fork Quinault Road in the Olympic National Park. Just a short hike and open year round. This image was taken in winter and the recent rains had filled it up to overflowing.

There were plenty of clouds hanging on the ridges. One of my favorite photo subjects.

Quinault RIver from the Bridge to the North Fork Road
Misty Ridgeline

Another Sunset Photo

Another Sunset Photo

This was taken from the top of Blue Mountain in north central Olympic National Park. You can drive most of the way to the top … it’s just above Deer Park Campground where I was staying … and it’s a short walk up from the end of the road. A popular spot to watch the sunset.

Is this Photo Crooked?

Olympic Ridges in Winter

I did a double-take on this image when I was working on it. I kept trying to make it level and was distracted by the angles of the ridges and the cloud banks … and echoed by the cloud-line in the distances. But the trees show the image is ‘straight’. This is taken from the Hurricane Hill Road just past the Hurricane Ridge Visitor center, a popular snowshoe and cross-crountry ski route.

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