What’s around that corner?

What’s around that corner?

I like this photo because as this trail (yes, it’s a trail, not a road) curves around the shoulder of the hill, there is a sense of wonder: what’s up ahead? It provides some visual tension. That’s a good thing in a photo. (usually)

Also, this photo is from the Hurricane Hill trail in the Olympic National Park. It was converted to an ADA compliant trail a few years back to enable access to the high country with those folks with mobility issues. Since the trailhead is near the end of the Hurricane Ridge road, it also means that you are over 5200 feet high (1.6 KM), without having to hike up that elevation. Thus, as one gets older, there is still easy access to the high country in the Olympics, especially when I’m carrying along a bunch of photo equipment.

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  1. I love the tone of this photo and yes, the expectation. What’s ahead? Great that the mobility issues are being taken more frequently into account. I’m starting to be a little more cautious of what trails I hike now, too. Cheers.

  2. Love the access for people with disabilities. And the notion of mystery to see around a corner can also be applied to home decor. Great photo!

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