What’s around that corner?

What’s around that corner?

I like this photo because as this trail (yes, it’s a trail, not a road) curves around the shoulder of the hill, there is a sense of wonder: what’s up ahead? It provides some visual tension. That’s a good thing in a photo. (usually)

Also, this photo is from the Hurricane Hill trail in the Olympic National Park. It was converted to an ADA compliant trail a few years back to enable access to the high country with those folks with mobility issues. Since the trailhead is near the end of the Hurricane Ridge road, it also means that you are over 5200 feet high (1.6 KM), without having to hike up that elevation. Thus, as one gets older, there is still easy access to the high country in the Olympics, especially when I’m carrying along a bunch of photo equipment.

Staircase and the North Fork Skokomish

The North Fork Skokomish near Staircase

The image above shows the North Fork Skokomish river just above the Staircase area in the Olympic National Park. If you look closely, you can see the bridge that runs across the river … providing access tof the Staircase Loop Trail. This is a very wide angle lens … which causes the curvature distortion. The image below is taken from the bridge looking further downriver.

At the bottom, a section of the North Fork Skokomish trail running through Maple Flats, about 6 miles up from the Staircase area.

North Fork Skokomish from the Staircase bridge
Maple Flats area of the North Fork Skokomish trail

Dosewallips Camp Area

Dosewallips Trail

I have posted several images of hikes along the Dosewallips River trail in the Olympic National Park. Here are a few more images that I enjoy and thought I would share. The first (above) shows the trail above the old Dosewallips Campground (below) … now isolated by about 6 miles by washout of the road. Hiking the (closed gravel) road is a different experience than the lovely trail shown above. The bottom image shows the river dropping down the steep rapids (falls) just below the campground … the highlight of the road hike.

Dosewallips Campground
Dosewallips Falls

Attempted Backpack

Flapjack Lakes Trail Junction

I recently attempted a backpack up the North Fork Skokomish in Olympic National Park. I say attempted because when I got where the road runs through the National Forest land near some private properties, there was a sign notifying folks that the road would be closed the following day for ‘dust control measures’ (meaning they were putting oil on the dirt). Since I was only going for an overnight, that meant I would be stuck in the park unable to go home until they were finished with their oiling job. When the ranger said that the previous year it was closed until 8PM, I decided to do a day hike instead. But it was nice being up there. I went to the Flapjack Lakes trail junction on the North Fork Skokomish trail, had a bite to eat and hiked back.

North Fork Skokomish Trail
Looking Up

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