The Olympics In Winter

The Olympics in Winter

I tried this in black and white, since the colors weren’t a big part of the image. But I ended up liking it better in color. I think it had to do mostly with the separation in the sky. The blue in the sky created more separation than it did when converted to a gray tone. But maybe I was just too lazy to keep working at it.

The Olympics in Winter (B&W)

Early Fall — Early Winter

Early Fall — Early Winter

This view was from the Hurricane Hill Road (which was closed) in the Hurricane Ridge area of Olympic National Park. The high point in the distance is part of the Mt Angeles complex. In the winter, the snow depth can be quite impressive due to all the moisture from the Pacific that falls as snow up at 5200′.

Snowy Trail

Snowy Trail

Well, it’s not a REALLY Snowy Trail … ’cause you can still see the trail. But for early October, it was a pleasant surprise for find some fresh flakes on everything. And it was about this time that the snow flakes started falling again.

This is the upper section of the Wolf Creek Trail up at Hurricane Ridge in the Olympic National Park.

First Snowfall

First Snowfall

I was up at Hurricane Ridge in Olympic National Park and the first snowfall of the year had come down the night before. This nice stand of trees was right across from where I parked my car.

Central Olympics

Bailey Range from Hurricane Ridge

One can drive up to over 5000 feet to Hurricane Ridge in the Olympic National Park and the views are spectacular. I converted these to black and white partly because the mist/water vapor was heavy enough that there was a blue cast to the images that was difficult to remove. The Dehaze tool in Lightroom works pretty well until the hazy gets thick. Then in order to remove the overall blue cast, you have to make tonal adjustments that can turn the other colors in the image away from their normal tones. So I frequently just convert to black and white.

Besides, I like B&W.

Bailey Range Detail from Hurricane Ridge

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