Late Fall Valley Views

Late Fall Valley View 1

I find it interesting how various trees in an area will have such varied timing of color display and leaf drop. Probably some genetic variation …

Late Fall Valley View 2

Rocks, Ridges, Trees and Clouds

Rocks, Ridges, Trees and Clouds

One last shot (in this series) from the trip to Hurricane Ridge (Olympic National Park) earlier this month. I liked the way the rocky area curves around and then follows the tree covered ridge.

Ridges and Clouds

Ridges and Clouds 1

The weather in Western Washington is notoriously cloudy and damp. Some people struggle with the lack of sun. But I am okay with that … I see the trade offs, including mountain ridges with clouds and/or mist. These were taken looking west from Hurricane RIdge in Olympic National Park across the Elwha Valley.

Ridges and Clouds 2

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