Life Can Be A Struggle

Life Can Be A Struggle

I am amazed at where plant life can exist, struggling through severely demanding conditions. I like this image for that and for the muted colors and patterns.

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  1. Hi Allan, great photo. Your comments always give us an insight into your personality. The comment about the plant is a life lesson for us all. But the colors of the wall behind it is what got me this time. The wall reminds me of a car I once owned. It had 4 different colors of primer on it, and a few spots of the original blue paint. I rebuilt the engine myself but never repainted the car. (Not quite as profound as your comment.)

    1. Thanks for the story, Gene.
      It’s always amazed me where living stuff will grow.
      This reminded me of those dry rocky spots above tree line where tuffs of green survive in the worse conditions …

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