Stone Circle 1

Stone Circle 1

Years ago I went to England to try to capture shots of the total eclipse. It was cloudy (in August), so I got no photos of the eclipse … except a couple that looked like it was dark. Well, I guess it was.

But there was side trips driving around and seeing the countryside… and finding many stone circles … many of them unsigned and hanging out just waiting. This one did have a sign, but it didn’t say much.

Calypso Orchids

Calypso Orchids

Also called “Lady Slippers”, these are some of my favorite springtime flowers. Most of the orchids that are native to the Pacific Northwest are even smaller and less showy than these.

More Views from the Farm

Tools Lined Up

I always enjoy taking photos of tools waiting for (someone else) to use them. These are a couple more photos from Salt Spring Island and my friend’s daughter’s farm.

Skull Decorating a Shed Door

Tangled Net

Tagled Net

On a recent trip up to Salt Spring Island in the Canadian San Juans, I was visiting a friend’s daughter’s home. It’s a work in progress. They had a pile of old fishing nets which they use as fencing to keep the deer out of their garden area. With a lot of acreage, it’s a very cheap way of fencing a lot of area. I thought it made an interesting pattern.

More Holga Shots

Looking up

A couple more photos taken with my Holga. You can see the vignetting in the top photo in the upper corners. That comes from the lens being a single piece of plastic. The image below was taken in the downtown Seattle Library. It’s an amazing spot for taking photos.

Seattle Library

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