Can Hardly See the Trail for the Trees

Can Hardly See the Trail for the Trees

The trail down there is also a service road … so it’s wider than a typical trail. This is all second growth and the trees are too close together for any to get much light. In a couple hundred years, maybe it will be more of a forest instead of a bunch of pencil trees.

Trail Views

Trail View 1

I like photos of trails … and I seem to be particularly fond of those where the trail curves around out of sight. This adds a bit of mystery to the image. These two were taken on Tri-X … a classic black and white film with good exposure latitude. The camera was my Nikon FM3A … one of the last film cameras that Nikon made.

Trail View 2

Boat Haven Marina

Boat Haven Marina

I was walking around downtown Port Townsend with a new (to me) camera: a Rolleiflex from the early 1950’s. I had just purchased the camera and was checking it out by running a roll of film through it and getting it back from being developed before the time to return the camera ran out (if it had a mechanical problem, for instance). I was shooting Kodak Portra 400 and then converted to black and white in Lightroom Classic. I usually prefer to shoot in color and then convert to B&W because then you can use the color sliders in the software to (for instance) darken the sky. That way I don’t have to carry a bunch of filters around (if I can even find filters for the camera).

Standing Stones

Standing Stone (Avebury)

Avebury is a collection of Neolithic henge stones (near Avebury, Wiltshire, England) including three stone circles … including the largest in the world. These standing stones were not part of a circle, but I thought the one in the foreground was amazing. They were set in the ground around 3000 BC. While not as famous as Stonehenge, it is a much larger complex.

Stone Circle 1

Stone Circle 1

Years ago I went to England to try to capture shots of the total eclipse. It was cloudy (in August), so I got no photos of the eclipse … except a couple that looked like it was dark. Well, I guess it was.

But there was side trips driving around and seeing the countryside… and finding many stone circles … many of them unsigned and hanging out just waiting. This one did have a sign, but it didn’t say much.

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