Lady Washington

Lady Washington

This ship is a replica of the original Lady Washington from the American Revolutionary War. This one was built in Aberdeen, Washington, United States in time for the 1989 Washington State Centennial celebrations. She was docked in Port Townsend when I was out taking photos.

I was trying out a ‘new’ used camera (a Contax G2) and needed to finish a roll of film and send it in for development for evaluating the operation of the camera. I like the camera and it seems like it is operating well. I also went over to Fort Worden State Park and took the rest of the roll, including this image (below) of the Lighthouse at Point Wilson, showing a little weathering. Time for new paint!

Point Wilson Lighthouse

Tangled Net

Tagled Net

On a recent trip up to Salt Spring Island in the Canadian San Juans, I was visiting a friend’s daughter’s home. It’s a work in progress. They had a pile of old fishing nets which they use as fencing to keep the deer out of their garden area. With a lot of acreage, it’s a very cheap way of fencing a lot of area. I thought it made an interesting pattern.

More Holga Shots

Looking up

A couple more photos taken with my Holga. You can see the vignetting in the top photo in the upper corners. That comes from the lens being a single piece of plastic. The image below was taken in the downtown Seattle Library. It’s an amazing spot for taking photos.

Seattle Library

Window Reflection

Window Reflection

This was taken with a Holga: a cheap plastic camera that is today’s version of a Kodak Brownie.

I have also cropped a lot of the image, which made it even softer.

Constance Pass Views

Constance Pass View 1

These images were all taken within a few minutes of each other from Constance Pass in the Olympics. (outside of the Olympic National Park … in the Buckhorn Wilderness) The one above is looking northeast and shows the west side of Mt Constance (on the right). Constance is the tallest peak you can see from Seattle’s view to the west.

This hike used to be a long one day hike from the Dosewallips trailhead … but the road being washed out now for 20 years or so has added an additional 6+ miles each way to the distance. The valley to the left of the image above is the upper Dungeness.

Constance Pass View 2

The view in the second image (above) is looking southwards … across the valley of the Dosewallips. The image below shows the view looking west towards Mt Mystery and into the Olympic National Park.

Constance Pass VIew 3

These were taken years ago, but I just found them and assembled them into panoramas. I didn’t have a lot of experience with panoramas at that time and there was no easy software fix to assemble them. That is the reason why the images are not ‘taller’. They were a little crooked … and to crop them to keep from having lots of empty space meant that they were wide and short.

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