Stormy Waterfront

Stormy Waterfront

This is an old ferry dock (I think) that is just off the waterfront downtown Port Townsend. The storm clouds were coming in rather dramatically. The rain started soon after and continued all the next day,

Seattle Waterfront

Seattle Waterfront (edge detect)

This is another image that was taken through normal processing in Lightroom and then into Photoshop for the Edge Detect filter. Then back in Lightroom for some additional colorization.

Sun On Sidewalk

Sun on Sidewalk

I have a routine of walking the length of downtown Port Townsend … a round trip is about 1/2 mile (so I usually do several laps). Just after a shower, there was a clearing and the sun off of the wet sidewalk was pretty dramatic.

Sights Around Port Townsend

Jefferson County Courthouse

Port Townsend was one of the earliest towns established in Washington State. While not a large town even now, it has a lot of interesting architecture that makes photography a pleasant diversion.

Narrow Alley
Electric Panels

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