Cheap Lens Vignetting

Historic Buildings at Fort Casey

This is an example of the vignetting you get from a cheap lens. The same cheap 400mm reflex lens that I discussed on my last post (and from the same trip to Whidbey Island and Fort Casey). You tend to get some vignetting with any reflex lens due to design issues, but I was a little surprised at the amount I got in some of my images. I haven’t figured out why some images are more ‘severe’ than others, but there is some in most images. Vignetting can be intentionally added to some images to focus the viewers attention on the main subject. The image below shows how this might work … and is an example of cropping away a lot of the corner areas of the image to minimize the vignette.

Jefferson County Building Clock Tower

Finally, another couple shots from that trip that were cropped to eliminate most of the vignetting.

Point Wilson Lighthouse at Fort Worden
Fort Worden Historic Buildings

No Way In (or out)

No Way In (or Out)

This is a side door into the Port Townsend Historical Museum. I thought the missing door knob made an interesting (missing) subject. And the coloring of the paint/dirt was too.


Weathering 1

These were both taken at the Point Wilson LIghthouse at Fort Worden, Port Townsend, WA. The maintenance of the facility is volunteer and the salt air and exposure to all weather takes a toll on the buildings. I hope they can find a way to keep up the maintenance better than what they have now.

I liked the grasses in the image below.

Weathering 2

Grub Portal and Piano (in need of tuning)

Grub Portal

Driving around the area 50 miles or so south of Death Valley, we came upon a abandoned mining area. There was still mining going on (surface deposits) but they had upgraded the facilities. I liked this one better, though. Twenty miles farther north, Ballarat is a mining town that has a single inhabitant. The piano is sitting on the porch, and doesn’t get tuned often.

Piano in Ballarat

More Holga Shots

Looking up

A couple more photos taken with my Holga. You can see the vignetting in the top photo in the upper corners. That comes from the lens being a single piece of plastic. The image below was taken in the downtown Seattle Library. It’s an amazing spot for taking photos.

Seattle Library

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