Mt Walker Trail

Mt Walker Trail

I was out for a conditioning hike and the Mt Walker trail is close to home. It is also pretty steep and while it runs to the top of Mt Walker, there is also a road to the top. I drove to the top and hiked down until my knees started complaining about all the steep downhill… then turned around and went back up. On the way up I took photos as a way to take breaks (another good reason to be a photographer!)

One of the frustrations with photos of steep trails is to have them really show how steep the trail is. This photo makes it look like the trail is climbing at a pretty gentle grade. That’s pretty good, since a normal grade trail typically looks flat in a photo.

Mt Walker is in the Olympic National Forest just south of Quilcene in Washington state.

  • Camera: Nikon D850
  • Lens: Nikkor 58mm
  • ISO 800 1/80 sec f/4.5

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