Double Exposures (Film)

Double Exposure 1

In a previous blog I referred to the camera I was given by a friend: a Kodak Brownie Flash Six-20. One of the features of this camera is that there is a locking mechanism on the shuttle release that you need to rotate to allow the shuttle to operate. It doesn’t automatically reset, though, you have to rotate the shutter lock back in order to protect from double exposures. Of course, that is not the way of modern cameras … so as I was getting used to it, I forgot to wind the film before taking the next image (once or twice). So, these were unintentional … I like #1 though. #2, not so much.

Double Exposure 2

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  1. That is old school. I remember those days. Now with the mirrorless or DSLR, it makes that process earlier. My first camera was a Konica, when I was in there service. We used a Minolta in High School camera club in San Diego. I wish I would say those were the good old days, but I liked my DSLR.

    1. I certainly enjoy my DSLR and such. The return to old film cameras is just a diversion. Although, it helps me slow down and be more deliberate in my shooting. I guess that’s an important side effect.

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