Fire Hydrant

Fire Hydrant

I’m not sure if this hydrant is still in use … it is in Fort Worden State Park in Port Townsend … and located in an area where most of the buildings are old cement bunkers. Maybe it would be used in case of brush fires, etc. Regardless, I liked the sun highlighting the rust and the color of the hydrant echoed by the leaves.

Late Afternoon Light

Late afternoon light 1

These images were taken within a few minutes of each other, but on different days. I was enjoying the clear autumn weather and the low sun angles coming through the trees in Fort Worden State Park in Port Townsend. The sun on the red bark of the Pacific Madrona was particularly nice (numbers 1 and 2). Shot on Kodak Portra 400. While it looks like a roadway, the only cars or trucks allowed are service vehicles.

Late afternoon light 2
Late afternoon light 3


Doors (color)

I really liked the patina that these old doors have developed over time. I had someone tell me that this used to be a mule barn back in the day when Fort Worden State Park was an active military base (over 100 years ago).

Below is another door from Ft Worden, this one on a different building. The stairs to access the doors are gone, but I love the way the boards create such a nice contrasting pattern to the siding.

Door (Black and White)

Black and White Brownie Shots

Tree Shadows on Building

These are images taken on 620 Tri-X at Fort Worden State Park in Port Townsend on the Kodak Brownie Flash Six-20. (and I remembered to wind the film between shots this time)

The images are “soft” … but that is typical of cameras of this design … using a single lens element.

This was the first roll of film that I shot with this camera and I was taking images as I walked around Fort Worden State Park … trying to get the 8 shots taken so I could send the roll in to be developed. I no longer process my own images … finding it much more convenient to use commercial labs who process and provide you with scans. I use “The Darkroom” in California … and find they are wonderful to work with.

Fire Escape Ladder
The “Castle” at Fort Worden St Park

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