Views of Clouds

View South from Fort Worden

Clouds are a common visitor to the skies of Washington State. Often the sky is just one continuous cloud. I haven’t found that to be very photogenic. (Well, once in a while you get lucky) More often, it is the partial cloudy conditions that create interesting photos. I thought the layers of clouds in the image above to be quite interesting. The one below has very fine gradations in tones … It was taken with Tri-X, and shows film grain when you enlarge it. But the tonal gradations are wonderful (especially in a print).

Sunset in Port Townsend

The Trees! The Trees!

The Trees! 1

In the top photo, notice the Madrone tree in the middle … the one that looks all shabby. That is what the bark looks like when it doesn’t get much sunlight.

The Trees! 2

Blooms in White


The trillium above were not wild, but in a garden (Kubota Garden in Seattle). Wild varieties typically do not clump like this. But they sure are a nice display … and a wonderful sign that spring is here. Another sign of spring are blossoms on trees as below. I found these in Fort Worden State Park, but I haven’t been able to identify the species of tree. When I have visited in the summer, I don’t see any fruit.


Valley Views

Valley View 1

A couple of valley views. Number 1 is farmland off the Larry Scott Trail. Number 2 is looking southwest across the Chinese Gardens (there’s no gardens there anymore … refers to their historic location) in Fort Worden State Park.

Valley View 2

A place to walk – A place to sit

A place to walk … A place to sit.

I’m having technical difficulties with my site. I can’t seem to get it to give me a space for titling my photos below my image. Huh. Well, time to go for a walk…. and maybe sit for a while and think.

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