Ridges in Pine Woods

Ridge in Pine Woods 1

These pine woods are located in East Central Oregon … a much different kind of woods than around my home in Western Washington. Much drier country resulting in much less undergrowth and mostly all pine instead of the Doug Fir, Hemlock and Cedar of Western Washington.

Ridge in Pine Woods 2
Ridge in Pine Woods 3

I have no idea what caused the wavy pattern in the sky on #3. There was some haze, but nothing that was making a visible line while I was taking the photo.

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  1. Allan, yes you can tell from the pine tree that the ground is not as wet. I think part of Washington State is in rain forest. Nice job and thanks for sharing.

    1. Thanks, Ziggy.
      And yes, there are some wonderful rain forest valleys on the west side of the Olympics.
      And there are some areas with pine trees, even in the Olympics … in rain shadow areas, mostly.

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