Glass Mountain, OR

Glass Mountain

Glass Mountain is southeast of Prineville in north central Oregon. It got the name from the large pieces of obsidian that are scattered across the surface. I like the showers showing off in the distance.

Central Oregon High Desert

Central Oregon: Clouds Blowing Through

No, this was not a recent photo. It would likely be all snowy at this time of year (December). Just going through photos from past trips, in warmer (less locked down) times.

High Desert Squall

Seed Head

Seed Head

Not sure of the botanical identification of this lovely seed head I found in North Central Oregon. Probably a member of the sunflower family. Regardless, I was struck by its ability to maintain its shape while the wind was blowing pretty hard. It must not have been quite ready to spread itself yet.

North Central Oregon Clouds

North Central Oregon Clouds

I was driving a back country road in North Central Oregon (SW of the town of Fossil), when a nice panorama opened up with a wonderful cloudscape. It was spring, so the hills had a wonderful greenish blush to them.

Steens Mountain

Steens Mountain

In south central Oregon, Steens Mountain is a distinctive feature, rising to over 9000 feet. This photo is taken on the west side, looking east, near the small town of Plush. In this dry country, Steens Mountain wrings what little moisture is in the air and on the east side of the range is the Alvord Desert.

  • Camera: Nikon D200
  • Lens: Nikkor 18-70mm set at 18mm
  • ISO 100 1/400 sec f/10

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