Road or River?

Road or River?

I was going through photos and when I got to this one, I couldn’t remember anything about this view of a back country road. It fell into place when I enlarged the image and it turned into water … this is a branch of the John Day River in central Oregon.

Ridges in Pine Woods

Ridge in Pine Woods 1

These pine woods are located in East Central Oregon … a much different kind of woods than around my home in Western Washington. Much drier country resulting in much less undergrowth and mostly all pine instead of the Doug Fir, Hemlock and Cedar of Western Washington.

Ridge in Pine Woods 2
Ridge in Pine Woods 3

I have no idea what caused the wavy pattern in the sky on #3. There was some haze, but nothing that was making a visible line while I was taking the photo.

Glass Mountain, OR

Glass Mountain

Glass Mountain is southeast of Prineville in north central Oregon. It got the name from the large pieces of obsidian that are scattered across the surface. I like the showers showing off in the distance.

Central Oregon High Desert

Central Oregon: Clouds Blowing Through

No, this was not a recent photo. It would likely be all snowy at this time of year (December). Just going through photos from past trips, in warmer (less locked down) times.

High Desert Squall

Seed Head

Seed Head

Not sure of the botanical identification of this lovely seed head I found in North Central Oregon. Probably a member of the sunflower family. Regardless, I was struck by its ability to maintain its shape while the wind was blowing pretty hard. It must not have been quite ready to spread itself yet.

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