Lake Quinault

Lake Quinault

I took this image a few years back and was recently going through my image bank and found that redeveloping the images with the latest Lightroom tools made a significant difference in the results. I think that part of the difference is a change in my aesthetic, since that can also change over time.

If you haven’t re-processed your prints in a while, it may be worth going back and visiting some of your favorites to see what you think.

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    1. The texture slider wasn’t available when I first processed it…
      And I hadn’t previously adjusted the haze slider… it was hidden in a different panel that I often overlooked. The auto adjust seemed to work different too.
      And my taste in processing has changed some over time.

  1. Two thoughts I pick up—processing techniques may improve with time and what we like may change with time. This pertains to other avocations too.

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