Backyard Lilies

Lilies from the backyard… nice to have some photo subjects close to home.

I will admit to struggling some with getting out and shooting. I’m blaming that on the virus isolation. I hope everyone is developing coping mechanisms … if you have found any particularly successful ones, let me know. Thanks.

Alaska Sunset

Alaska Sunset

This was taken a while back when I was returning from seeing my aunt up in Haines, Alaska: from the ferry getting close to Juneau.

That’s a great ferry ride: too bad I have a negative reaction about long boat rides right now or we might plan another trip.

Cold Water Dance

Cold Water Dance

This was taken in February at Kalaloch Beach … which means the water was cold… even if it was an early springlike day. Kids must have a different insolation value in their feet than I do.

  • Camera: Nikon Df
  • Lens: Nikkor 28-300mm set at 190
  • ISO 250 1/640 sec f/10

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