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Just letting you know that there will be a change to my Domain Name. The current name: OlyWaJones worked for me while I was living in Olympia Washington.

Life happens, I retired and moved to Port Townsend. The new domain name will be According to the WordPress tech team, no action should be necessary on your part to continue to be notified of new postings … Just make note that the “new” blog you are getting notices from is just the “old” blog that you know and love. (at least, I hope you do!)

Thank you for your continued interest.


Foggy Kayaking

Foggy Kayaking

I was going through some older photos and seeing what I had missed. Going back and reviewing images from months or years ago is a great way to not only refresh memories, but you can see images that didn’t strike you at the time because you had preconceived ideas about the image you were expecting.

This is Ellis Cove off of Budd Bay in Olympia.

Camera: Nikon AW120


The woodpeckers are regular visitors to my suet cake. They are a lot more polite than the flickers, who attack the suet with vigor and spread pieces all over the ground below. That does provide some additional opportunities to the ground feeders that don’t do so well at clinging to the feeder.

Nikon D850 with Nikkor 300mm lens

ISO 1000 1/80th sec f/4.5

Winter Bench

Winter Bench

I took this image a while ago, but it has always been one that just yells LONELY

This is not a cry for company.. I was just going through my images looking for an images that conveyed the word “emotion” for a photo share group. I didn’t pick this one, but ended up with a couple that I thought evoked an emotion, rather than an image that depicted one.

  • Camera: Fujifilm X100T
  • ISO 1000 1/100 sec f/13

Windy Day at Point Hudson

Windy Day at Point Hudson

Point Hudson is at the east end of downtown Port Townsend. The wind was really blowing this day, the waves don’t show it much except where the water is shallowest. Not sure what it is that attracts me to this image.

This was taken from a viewpoint at Fort Worden State Park … no, I don’t have a drone. Not sure I would have taken one up in weather like that, either.

Storm Clouds and Crepuscular Rays

Storm Clouds and Crepuscular Rays

This was a particularly striking example of crepuscular rays. I enjoy the challenge of trying to cover the high dynamic range that are typically present when crepuscular rays are present. In this case, the foreground was urban and cluttered, so I opted to take it to black.

  • Camera: Nikon D810
  • Lens: Nikkor 28-300mm set at 200mm
  • ISO 200 1/500 sec f/11

Martin’s Park

Martin’s Park, Olympic National Park

Martin’s Park is a little visited area near the Low Divide in the Olympic National Park. It’s about 17 miles in if you take the short route. If you hike up the Elwha River Trail, it’s over 25. Hence, the little visited status. There are a couple of small lakes and large areas of meadow.

I was camped at Low Divide with my hiking buddy (see the trail in the lower left) and we took a day to hike up and visit the area. This was in July, so there was still a fair amount of snow left.

Camera: Canon S400 1/200 sec f/7.1

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