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It’s a nice break in the covid routine to share a beverage with friends.

Especially when they are photographers and you’ve got a new camera to pass around. This was my new Leica Q2 Monochrome. It only shoots black and white … there are no filters in front of the sensor to restrict the color of light hitting each pixel. This increases the resolution (some) and speeds things up (some) in post-production when you don’t have to convert to B&W. But mostly, I like the camera because it is a beautifully crafted artifact.


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  1. Wow Allan, stunning images! How fortunate to own a Q2 monochrome. I was looking an an exhibition of US National Park B&W images taken with the Q2 Monochrome in the Leica Store Nuremberg over the weekend. When I picked up my SL2-S test camera that I got to shoot with over the weekend.

    1. Thanks, Marcus. The Q2 Monochrom is such a great camera. Such wonderful craftsmanship… a joy to shoot with.

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