Beach Walk

Beach Walk

Nice weather in Mid-March brings out plenty of beach walkers in the Puget Sound country. Point Wilson Lighthouse, with the North Central Cascades in the distance.

  • Camera: Nikon D850
  • Lens: Nikkor 28-300mm set at 300mm
  • ISO 400 1/400 sec f/10

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  1. I love the way the eye is invited to travel through layers of perspective (or whatever the tech term for that might be). First, the couple, then the beach and bluff, beyond that the lighthouse, next the far bluff, then the stunning Cascades with their nearer dark peaks and farther white ones. Each layer has its own color scheme as well. Fantastic shot!

  2. My eye travels first to the lovely cliff and then the beach, and then to the snowy mountain background and barely notices the lighthouse. What I like about the photo: a lighthouse is usually the subject if it is in a photo but here, for me it is filler, giving the photo originality.

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