Rusted Door


Fort Worden State Park (Port Townsend, WA) has a lot of old bunkers, gun emplacements and search light stations … in various stages of decomposition. This one was about the worst I’ve seen. Clearly showing the signs of weather and salt air. While in the worst shape, one of the more interesting.

Camera: Nikon D850
Lens: Nikon 24-85mm set at 35mm
ISO 800    1/80th sec at f/5.6

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    1. Hi Tia
      I tried a few different approaches to trying to post a full image file… the full jpg is 49.6MB and the nef raw file is over 62MB.
      I get an error message when I try to upload them to my media catalog.
      I’d be happy to send you a raw file of one of my images so you could play with it… not sure if Rusted Door is the one you could choose.
      Let me know what email address to send it to.
      and yes, the D850 is wonderful. Glad I traded up for it. I’m finding that I have to really be careful with not trying to handhold on the old guidelines of inverting the lens focal length. (a 50mm lens can be shot at 1/50th sec)
      There’s so much detail that you have to be careful to be rock solid for the best results.

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