No Way In (or out)

No Way In (or Out)

This is a side door into the Port Townsend Historical Museum. I thought the missing door knob made an interesting (missing) subject. And the coloring of the paint/dirt was too.


Doors (color)

I really liked the patina that these old doors have developed over time. I had someone tell me that this used to be a mule barn back in the day when Fort Worden State Park was an active military base (over 100 years ago).

Below is another door from Ft Worden, this one on a different building. The stairs to access the doors are gone, but I love the way the boards create such a nice contrasting pattern to the siding.

Door (Black and White)

Just a Little Bit Crooked

Just A Little Bit Crooked

When I took this image into the Lightroom Development Module and was cropping, I REALLY struggled trying to square it up. But when I stepped back a moment, I realized that there just wasn’t anything I could adjust to make everything square. It reflects the old building just the way it was … crooked stairs and all. Sometimes reality just isn’t squared up. This was shot with a Nikon F6 on Kodak Tri-X … so black and white film … so the grain in the image reflects the film grain.

Back Doors

Back Door 1

These images are from a recent photo trip to Olympia. We walked around the various alleys and loading areas. There were a mix of levels of graffiti. The downtown area was very much run down and semi-deserted, due to the lack of workers in downtown buildings. The result has been the closure of many retail spaces that made a significant percent of their business from the lunch crowd.

Back Door 2

This was a bit of a puzzle. But I expect that someone left the steel door retracted and the tagging took place.

Back Door 3

My guess on this area is that the owners/tenets make an effort to keep the area freshly painted each time additional tagging takes place. That is one approach. The other is to hire murals painted. This approach works most of the time, and some of the future blog posts show some of the murals of downtown Olympia.

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