Sequoias in the Snow

Sequoias in the Snow, Sequoia National Park
Sequoias in the Snow, Sequoia National Park

The first of May found me driving through dense fog in Sequoia National Park. Climbing out of the fog, it started to snow. Instead of a pleasant day of enjoying the majestic trees, there was a choice of fog or snow. And, even though the snow was minimal, the number of folks visiting with no experience whatsoever of driving in even a half inch of snow closed the road with multiple spin outs. I took this photo at the place where they had set up a road block and turned folks around. While waiting for the snow plow (!), I got this photo of the trees.

While tilting the camera up created some perspective distortion, it cut out the traffic jam. And when I tried adjustments for removing the distortion, it tended to make the image less dramatic.

Camera: Nikon D810
Lens: Nikon 28-300mm set at 28mm
ISO 100    1/200 sec    f/7.1

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