Sunpoint Snag

Sun Point Snag, St Mary Lake, Glacier National Park
Sun Point Snag, St Mary Lake, Glacier National Park

In September 2017, I spent a few days in the Glacier National Park area. We had expected to camp part of the time, but the weather forecast included snow. On a day trip, we drove up the Road to the Sun. The road was closed on the west side due to the forest fires. We got to the visitor center at the pass and watched a grizzly off in the distance.

On the way back down the valley, we stopped at several places to enjoy the views and stretch our legs. At the stop at Sun Point, above St Mary Lake, there is a large rock outcrop that juts out into the lake. There was a snag that had grown out of a fracture in the rock still holding on. The sun reflecting off the lake surface turned the snag into a silhouette. Outside of conversion to black and white, I didn’t make many other adjustments.

Camera: Nikon D810
Lens: Nikon 28-300mm set at 150mm
ISO 200   1/4000th sec   f/5.6

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