North Fork Skokomish trail

North Fork Skokomish Trail, Olympic National Park
North Fork Skokomish Trail, Olympic National Park

For the last several years, I have gone backpacking into the Olympic National Park to avoid the noise of the July 4th festivities. Sometimes I go solo, but in 2016 my regular hiking buddy went along. Jeff and I have hiked most of the trails in the ONP since the mid-1980’s. We had hiked the N Fork Skokomish trail a number of times … often in order to access more remote areas of the park. We had a favorite campsite that we were heading to … a good dayhike in.

On the way back out, I took this photo at one of the places that I look forward to hiking through. I love the big trees and open understory. The fact that the trail is level is good too.

I carry a Nikon AW1 when I’m backpacking. The fact that it is shockproof is good, but even more the fact that it is waterproof. In the Olympics, that’s important. I also like the way that the camera allows me to still shoot in RAW. I’m usually able to put a lot of detail out of the shadows… and in the Olympics, there are often lots of shadows.

Camera: Nikon AW1
Lens: Nikon AW1  11-27.5mm set at 12.5mm
ISO 1000   1/60th sec   at f/3.8

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