Headwaters of Bowron River

Headwaters of the Bowron River

Bowron River is in Bowron Lake Provincial Park in British Colombia. The park in primarily used by canoeists … the only road access is by road to Bowron Lake … the rest of the park consists of a chain of lakes that runs 75 miles in a loop with no motors allowed (except on Bowron itself). This image was taken early in the morning as we were paddling out on the final day of a 10 day trip. The river is slow moving and easy to paddle up … we chose not to explore up the river, since it is winds all over the low country and the brushy banks offer no view ahead. And it is grizzly bear country. Didn’t want to come around a bear feeding on fish and need to paddle fast backwards. No thanks. Not my idea of a calm relaxing paddle.

It’s beautiful country though. Just spectacular. And we caught a 24 inch rainbow on one of the lakes.

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