Kayak and Rose (artificial)

Kayak and Rose

This was taken on a trip to Bowron Lake Provincial Park … sorta in the middle of B.C. It’s a great park for canoeing … not quite so much for kayaking. There is a chain of lakes that provides 70 miles of paddling with motors not allowed. Birds and wildlife abound. The several portages are the only drawback … although the portage trails are excellent and accept carts.

Oh, that is water and reflection in the background, not sky and clouds.

Inside Passage View

Inside Passage View

This is a shot I took while taking the Alaska Marine Highway ferry up to Haines, Alaska. I know it is along the coast of Vancouver Island, but that’s it. I really wish I had taken note of the location at the time. Sigh.

It was a nice spot, though.

Skipping Rocks

Skipping Rocks

These are some pretty good skipping rocks. I have thrown a lot of them ever since I was a kid. I feel like it is helping them on their journey to the sea. But, I was never very good at getting them to skip. Not like my friend Jeff.

Jeff skipping a rock on Isaac Lake

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