An Evening Stroll

An Evening Stroll

This is the abandoned car campground on the Dosewallips River. It makes a great spot to hike to and spend an evening or two while doing some dayhikes. It is also very interesting to watch the natural world reclaim the area. Stinging nettles are plentiful … that’s the majority of the ground cover in the near areas. But it makes a wonderful place to walk after dinner.

Fishing Trip

Cutthroat Trout

Earlier in my hiking life, I carried a fishing pole fairly often. One of the best trips I had was up into the Pasayten Wilderness in north central Washington. It was fairly lightly visited at the time and the fishing was good. I feel a little bit guilty now that I have changed my view on fishing (if I do any, it’s catch and release).

But on this trip the fish were biting as were the black flies. Using a black fly, the fish were striking fast and hard. We cooked the fish over our wood fire. just delicious.


Three Prune Camp

Trail Sign to Three Prune Camp
Early Breakfast for an Early Start

Three Prune Camp supposedly got it’s name from an early Mountaineers party that camped there with their provisions reduced to 3 prunes. The camp is along a ridge between the North Fork Quinault and the Queets valleys in Olympic National Park. It was seldom visited, but is an excellent camp along the Skyline Trail, which provides dramatic views of the central Olympics from the south. There are more hikers up there these days, but it is still a remote area, a long ways from a trailhead.

Ladies and Gentlemen, Fasten your seatbelts and prepare for take-off

Prepare to Buckle Up

Sorry, the title came to me and I couldn’t resist. The last days of a hike, it is always interesting to put on the pack first thing in the morning. The pack typically doesn’t weigh as much as it has on other days (as a result of consuming over a pound of food a day), unless you have been collecting rocks … or unless it has been raining and your gear is wet. Of course, it can be bittersweet, too: sadness at leaving the wild and looking forward to a cold beer and a burger.

Loading Up

Loading Up

Getting ready to hike up the North Fork Dosewallips trail, Olympic National Park from the old car campground. We don’t generally get going very early in the day … we tend to wear out early enough that there isn’t any point in a very early start.

By the way, the privy is visible in the background. However, the park had closed it … a steel cable ran across the door. We assumed it was due to concerns with Covid and the lack of any cleaning maintenance. Sorry silly if that is what it was. No one ever using one of these back country privies has ever had the impression that they are sanitary. Quite the contrary.

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