Headwaters of Bowron River

Headwaters of the Bowron River

Bowron River is in Bowron Lake Provincial Park in British Colombia. The park in primarily used by canoeists … the only road access is by road to Bowron Lake … the rest of the park consists of a chain of lakes that runs 75 miles in a loop with no motors allowed (except on Bowron itself). This image was taken early in the morning as we were paddling out on the final day of a 10 day trip. The river is slow moving and easy to paddle up … we chose not to explore up the river, since it is winds all over the low country and the brushy banks offer no view ahead. And it is grizzly bear country. Didn’t want to come around a bear feeding on fish and need to paddle fast backwards. No thanks. Not my idea of a calm relaxing paddle.

It’s beautiful country though. Just spectacular. And we caught a 24 inch rainbow on one of the lakes.

Misty Ridgeline

Misty Ridgeline

This is the ridge that is just west of the North Fork Skokomish just north of the Staircase Ranger Station in the Olympic National Park. There’s something about misty ridges that attract and hold my attention. I’m not sure why that is … mystery? memories of when those clouds started raining on me?

It is something that comes with the coastal areas in the Pacific Northwest, though.

Mt Steel in the Mist at Sunset

Mt Steel in the Mist at Sunset

Mt Steel is in the south central Olympics and is best seen from the Hart Lake area. This shot was just lucky … as the evening mists were moving in, a break offered a glimpse of the moon above a shoulder of Mt Steel.

Above the Clouds — for a while

Above the Clouds

Another image from near the Deer Park Campground in Olympic National Park. This shows the clouds in the valleys looking south into the center of the park. Somewhere in there is the Graywolf River valley and the valleys of Cameron Creek and Grand Creek. When you see weather like this in the Olympics, enjoy the sun while you can. Once the sun rises high enough to warm the valley air, the cloud layer rises. Then you have the tops of the cloud layer joining you and covering you. See below.

Cloud moving up from below

Mist in the High Country

Mist in the High Country

This is cloud/fog coming up the Hoh River valley and across the High Divide in the Olympic National Park. In the winter the snow cover is extensive … helping to reduce the amount of understory. This is near Cat Basin, close to Heart Lake … and sits about 5000′ (1524 m). It is beautiful country and one of the most heavily visited areas in the park. (unlike the previous post) Reservations are required for backcountry visitors … the loop runs up the Sol Duc river valley, then climbs up to the high country, along a ridge, then drops back down to the valley and the return to the trailhead.

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