March 2023 Grover Gallery Teaching Artists Show

Teaching Artists Show Poster

I am pleased to share that I have 7 images that are hanging in the Grover Gallery’s Teaching Artists Show from March 2nd to March 26th 2023. Below are the images of mine that are hanging. First the grouping, then the individual images. The Grover Galley is located in downtown Port Townsend (directly across from the Rose Theater).

My photos in the Teaching Artists show.
Past Prime Display Tulips
Past Prime Display Daffodils on Black
Past Prime Display Daffodils
Death Valley Juniper
Bristlecone Pine
Type Townsend – 1
Broken Spoken – 1

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      1. Thanks, that’s very nice.
        But the gallery took a total of 12 images… and so I ran out of framed images.
        Don’t want to buy more framing hardware until I see what (if any) sells.

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